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Welcome to Journey


Our Journey platform is designed to take people through different stages of personal development, professional development and financial education.

Journey is accessible to paid subscribers to BestYouPRO International but is FREE for the first 1,000 subscribers. The platform features proprietary training videos and course material to help our members develop the success mindset and to translate that mindset into profits.

There are three “stations” on the Journey:



This is the first station subscribers (passengers) go to, this is where they “board the train” and start their Journey. The route from Mindset Station is laden with tools, articles and exercises to challenge the passenger’s traditional way of thinking. The passenger will learn how to set goals and to discover his or her limiting beliefs. The passenger will also be introduced to some of the key influencers in the self discovery sector of personal development. Concepts from  such people as Tony Robins, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, and Les Brown will be introduced and explored at length.

Various questionnaires and quizzes will be used to determine the passengers readiness to move on to the next platform. We say that the journey is as long as the passenger wants it to be.

The passenger who has completed this part of the Journey is expected to:

  • Have clarity in terms of his/her life’s ultimate goal and a perspective set for success.
  • He/She will have an understanding of and an appreciation for delayed gratification.
  • This passenger will have a list of 10 goals he/she wants to accomplish in the next twelve months.
  • The passenger has a detailed action plan to complete the most important goal from this list.
  • The passenger will understand the power of his/her subconscious and the power of thought.
  • He will have developed the ability to exercise meta-cognition and to control the mental images he/she allows to enter in his/her mind.



At this station, the passenger will make the decision whether they wish to join an already established organization or start their own business depending on their self-evaluation along the journey.

As with the route from the mindset station, the route from career to investing has books, resources, questionnaires, polls, guides and videos to help the passenger to realise his/her full potential in the chosen field. Guides, videos, tools etc are tailored based on whether the passenger chose to become an employee of a company or an entrepreneur in his/her own business. The Influencers introduced are also based on this choice.

As an example, if a passenger chose to become a lead engineer at a software company, he/she might be introduced to Influencers such as Brian Tracy (to teach the art of time management), Daren Hardy (to teach skills and techniques for increasing productivity) and Brendon Burchard.

If a passenger chose the route of the entrepreneur, he/she might be introduced to Evan Carmichael, Jack Ma and Patrick Bet-David. Each of whom will present different lessons on building a successful business.

The passenger who completes this part of the Journey is:

  • Equip with the knowledge of what business he/she would like to own or help to build.
  • He/She has a clear career path and a plan to gain entry into the field. The passenger has drafted projections for where he/she would like to be in the near and medium term with respect to the chosen field.
  • The passenger has also developed a one year plan, a three year plan and a five year plan with target objectives and specific target dates of completion.
  • The passenger is connected with all the major leaders and influencers in the field.
  • He/She is working on establishing relationships with those persons who can take him/her to the next level in the field.
  • The passenger has identified his/her TOP 5 Industry Role Models and is fully immersed in their content.
  • The passenger has created a professional profile on LinkedIn.
  • The passenger has built a portfolio of articles, videos and books on the field of interest.



We expect that the successful employee or entrepreneur will earn a substantial amount of money in a fair amount of time. We also believe that “Knowing what to do with one’s money is more important than making more money”, it is for this reason that the final station on Journey is the Investing Station. The train that leave both the Employee and Entrepreneur Platforms at the Career Station will meet here.

Along this part of the Journey passengers will be guided in the skill of financial literacy. They will be introduced to key concepts in personal financial management and investing. The participants will be introduced to the four types of personalities in the world of investing and will decide which quadrant they wish to operate in. Specially designed polls and questionnaires will aid the passengers in:

  • Discovering their investment personality
  • Choose from the five major form of investments
  • Discover their risk tolerance among others.

The passenger will be introduced to the leaders in the different asset classes based on the type of investment he/she has expressed most interest in. Book suggestions (and reviews), video resources, private webinars and workshops (held via google hangouts / facebook live) are tailored to each passenger based on the previously stated criteria.

Passengers on the Journey have access to all our specially designed tools such as our Compound Interest Calculator and Our Business Index Evaluator.