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Each of us IS a Brand. Each of us cares deeply about something and would like to see it improve. We all have an ideal picture of what we want people to think when they meet us. Many of us wish to have a particular reputation and to have this reputation precede us. This is your brand. In this short course we will be looking at how you can discover your brand and create it or resurrect it as the case may be. We aim to provide practical ways how you can build up credibility in the market or arena surrounding your brand and get you that place where your name becomes synonymous with your chosen brand. This course was developed to be taken as part of the #Journey from the Career Advancement Station to Financial Literacy and Investing Station on your #Journey.

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Course Details:

Course Name: Brand U. - Developing your personal/professional brand.

Course Code: BYPI20170430101.

Course Attendant: Devrhoid Davis

Prerequisites: None

Course Materials: Pen, Paper, Smart Phone or Computer.


Module 1. Discovering Your Brand

Module 2. Establishing Your Creed

Module 3. Building Brand Credibility

Module 4. Personal vs Business Brand


- Twitter Account (25%)

- LinkedIn Account Workshop (50%)

- Instagram Account Optimization (25%)

You have successfully passed this course once you have achieved a grade of 75%.

You will receive a badge after completing each module. Special Badges may be given for specific tasks in each module. You will not receive any points unless you have completed all tasks in each module.


Each module has its own set of deliverables. These might include screen shots of Twitter Account Pre and Post Course, Instagram Account Pre and Post Course, links to articles, social media posts using certain hashtags or links to your social media profile. In some cases, you might be asked to tweet us or comment on a video on YouTube marking your comment with a particular hashtag. The most difficult deliverable anticipated is a completed 4-5 page workbook.